Here on the Hill

What is the 937? Dayton, Ohio. We can’t seem to leave this place; every time we do, God literally drags us back. Well, that’s fine. Dayton is a good place and it needs us, but it has problems. Since the 2008 election and several BAD mayors, this city went through a kind of depression that closed factories, shuttered businesses, and many people relocated to thriving markets. An entrepreneurial spirit was gone with it. The loss of Fortune 500 companies was nearly Dayton’s demise. And then came HEROIN.

Dayton tops Worst Cities List for heroin overdoses. WORST.

And with an area that is heavily heroin/drug addicted, comes poverty, crime, prostitution, prison, sometimes death. In these heroin addicted cities also comes a higher than ‘normal’ abortion rate. I say ‘normal’ even though abortion is never normal, but it is in cities like Dayton. Drug addicted pregnant women would rather kill their unborn child so they can continue to use. They have no hope, no love, no peace, no Jesus.

What this city is missing is a missionary spirit, one that will take the Gospel and immediate need to the people. That is what Jesus would DO. THIS is why we are the LIFE House. We preach Jesus.

We will meet for fellowship at the LIFE House to equip, encourage, and enact a spirit of missions here, RIGHT HERE, in the 937. Here on the Hill, we are studying the Word of God and spreading the message of Grace and Mercy with truth and love.

And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15

[Rev Kat]


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